Web Hosting Data Centre

This following link shows you some pictures that Micron-21 has posted.

Descriptions are below each of the three pictures.

Micron-21 is one of two Hosting companies DJ-Software use – all new web-sites and quite a few others are hosted here…

Micron-21 Data Centre Photo’s
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New Computer

Small computer caseI ordered a new computer yesterday and part of it only took 1 day to arrive !

Sadly it was just the computer case!  The computer itself should arrive before the end of the week hopefully!

Small isn’t it !

Stay tuned for more info…

BBC Computer – 30th Anniversary

BBC Micro Computer imageThis is scary, but I used to sell these at Boans in Perth !

From memory they sold for around $1000 +

There were two models – Model-A with 32k or 64k & the Model-B with 64k or 128k
(Yes that’s Kilobytes not Megs !!!!  )

No hard drives back then, just floppy drives… 

They were aimed at the Educational market & subsequently sold to mainly schools.

They were made by Acorn Computers who also produced an early personal computer called the Electron that competed against Clive Sinclairs computers, such as the ZX80/81 and Spectrum.

News item – 30th anniversary!

Wikipedia entry on BBC Computers


The sad passing of Steve Jobs

So sorry to hear about the news that I guess everyone was expecting….

This YouTube video popped up on another site that I visited earlier today.
Not much more one can say ! 

Update:  I just added this link to a great article on Steve Jobs quotes (and pics!)
ABC Article on Steve Jobs

Update #2:  Stephen Fry has written an article on Steve Jobs, in his usual reflective and considered style…
Stephen Fry’s article on Steve Jobs 

Catalyst 1.3 released!

catalyst 1.3 released
catalyst 1.3 released

I’m really excited about the new release that came out last night…

Eric Hann the developer of Catalyst has really created some great new features…

Rather than cover them here – best to read the release blog post, which includes a couple of videos.
The second one (The Overview) is probably best as an intoduction…
Catalyst 1.3 released

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Using ‘Stationary’ with Thunderbird


The Thunderbird email client from the makers of Firefox (Mozilla) is an excellent alternative to mainstream e-mail programs such as Outlook.
It offers some excellent features including proper multi account handling & intuitive and easy to use search capabilities.
It is also available for a range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac & Linux.
Thunderbird has a very active community of programmers designing ‘Add-On’ facilities to provide extra functionality.
It is one of these add-ons called ‘Stationary’ that this document is now about to discuss.
Read the full article in the attached thunderbird-stationary PDF File

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Padac’s iPad Case & Keyboard

My iPad2 case & keyboard arrived yesterday and so far I’m very impressed!

The product is from Adelaide company Padac’s & is made in China.

The Keyboard is wireless Bluetooth & was easy to configure.
Because the keyboard is wireless it has it’s own battery and requires re-charging.

Because the keyboard has to match the width of the iPad, it takes a bit of getting used to – people with ‘fat’ fingers might struggle.
The keyboard features quite a few dedicated iPad keys, such as Home, ‘.com’ and other keys that iPad users will appreciated!

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I waited in line at Perth Myers store for around 2 1/2 hours to purchase an iPad-2. I have to say Myers seemed a little overwhelmed with the seemingly simple task of selling what most people already knew what they wanted! But I now have a 32Gig 3G White iPad2 !

I’ll give a more detailed review in the next week or two, but first impressions are very good. I installed iBooks and downloaded a couple of books. The speed is excellent! I installed the free TeamViewer app to try, but at this stage I’m not sure if will do the job of remotely accessing Windows machines. It’s a bit fiddly getting the mouse, keyboard and desktop all working nicely!  But I’ll persist as TeamViewer is my remote access choice for Windows.

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