Posting from my iPhone

Well, here I am blogging from my iPhone!

Testing out the WordPress App !

Just text this time, but you can add an image to a post…

Until next time…


WordPress 3.1

I just noticed a Tweet from Andrew Nacin (one of the WordPress core developers) mentioning that WordPress 3.0 has been downloaded over 34 Million Times !WordPress 3 Logo

And the counter is going to be reset tomorrow – so me thinks this means that 3.1 is being released tomorrow !

It has been a fair while coming, with a few issues – but will be worth the wait – it has some really nice features…

I’ll post again in the next couple of days – with a run down on the new features….

(Wordress entry at Wikipedia )

How to use PrimoPDF

There are quite a few PDF programs that install as a printer driver & then allow you to print to that driver, and a PDF document is created.

I have been using Primo for a while now and find it works well for me and most of my clients.

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Moved this website

Hi everyone,

Moved dj-software to my Australian server today – all seems to be OK.

There should be some speed improvements!

I had a small issue with some of the WordPress database content storing absolute paths, which did not match the new server, but once I manually fixed them, it all worked fine.

WordPress page

A new page on wordpress has just been added to the site, giving details of this brilliant content management system & our hosting details

You can access it here… or from the Web Hosting menu!


I recently purchased a program called TeamViewer.

This is a very impressive remote access program, allowing support sessions to clients computers and servers very efficiently.  It is a relatively small 2-Meg download and is totally safe, as the end user initiates a support session and ends it when finished – no software is permanently installed on a clients computer.

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Windows and terminology

During a support session, one of the things someone on the other end of the phone needs to know is what program the person is currently using. If they are browsing the web, this might be Internet Explorer, or Firefox or Google’s new Chrome browser.

Or perhaps if they are Wordprocessing they may be using Word or Open Office or many other Word-Processing options But often people are unable to tell what it is they are using.

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