Padac’s iPad Case & Keyboard

My iPad2 case & keyboard arrived yesterday and so far I’m very impressed!

The product is from Adelaide company Padac’s & is made in China.

The Keyboard is wireless Bluetooth & was easy to configure.
Because the keyboard is wireless it has it’s own battery and requires re-charging.

Because the keyboard has to match the width of the iPad, it takes a bit of getting used to – people with ‘fat’ fingers might struggle.
The keyboard features quite a few dedicated iPad keys, such as Home, ‘.com’ and other keys that iPad users will appreciated!

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I waited in line at Perth Myers store for around 2 1/2 hours to purchase an iPad-2. I have to say Myers seemed a little overwhelmed with the seemingly simple task of selling what most people already knew what they wanted! But I now have a 32Gig 3G White iPad2 !

I’ll give a more detailed review in the next week or two, but first impressions are very good. I installed iBooks and downloaded a couple of books. The speed is excellent! I installed the free TeamViewer app to try, but at this stage I’m not sure if will do the job of remotely accessing Windows machines. It’s a bit fiddly getting the mouse, keyboard and desktop all working nicely! ┬áBut I’ll persist as TeamViewer is my remote access choice for Windows.

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