The sad passing of Steve Jobs

So sorry to hear about the news that I guess everyone was expecting….

This YouTube video popped up on another site that I visited earlier today.
Not much more one can say ! 

Update:  I just added this link to a great article on Steve Jobs quotes (and pics!)
ABC Article on Steve Jobs

Update #2:  Stephen Fry has written an article on Steve Jobs, in his usual reflective and considered style…
Stephen Fry’s article on Steve Jobs 


I waited in line at Perth Myers store for around 2 1/2 hours to purchase an iPad-2. I have to say Myers seemed a little overwhelmed with the seemingly simple task of selling what most people already knew what they wanted! But I now have a 32Gig 3G White iPad2 !

I’ll give a more detailed review in the next week or two, but first impressions are very good. I installed iBooks and downloaded a couple of books. The speed is excellent! I installed the free TeamViewer app to try, but at this stage I’m not sure if will do the job of remotely accessing Windows machines. It’s a bit fiddly getting the mouse, keyboard and desktop all working nicely!  But I’ll persist as TeamViewer is my remote access choice for Windows.

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WordPress 3.1

I just noticed a Tweet from Andrew Nacin (one of the WordPress core developers) mentioning that WordPress 3.0 has been downloaded over 34 Million Times !WordPress 3 Logo

And the counter is going to be reset tomorrow – so me thinks this means that 3.1 is being released tomorrow !

It has been a fair while coming, with a few issues – but will be worth the wait – it has some really nice features…

I’ll post again in the next couple of days – with a run down on the new features….

(Wordress entry at Wikipedia )

Moved this website

Hi everyone,

Moved dj-software to my Australian server today – all seems to be OK.

There should be some speed improvements!

I had a small issue with some of the WordPress database content storing absolute paths, which did not match the new server, but once I manually fixed them, it all worked fine.


I recently purchased a program called TeamViewer.

This is a very impressive remote access program, allowing support sessions to clients computers and servers very efficiently.  It is a relatively small 2-Meg download and is totally safe, as the end user initiates a support session and ends it when finished – no software is permanently installed on a clients computer.

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