WordPress 3.1

I just noticed a Tweet from Andrew Nacin (one of the WordPress core developers) mentioning that WordPress 3.0 has been downloaded over 34 Million Times !WordPress 3 Logo

And the counter is going to be reset tomorrow – so me thinks this means that 3.1 is being released tomorrow !

It has been a fair while coming, with a few issues – but will be worth the wait – it has some really nice features…

I’ll post again in the next couple of days – with a run down on the new features….

(Wordress entry at Wikipedia )

Domain Registration

A new facility is now available to register domains.

Simply go to the Web-Hosting page (main menu link, top of page !) & fill in the form.

To choose multiple Domain Types, hold down the control key while clicking with the mouse.

We will then get back to you with a quote for the registration and hosting costs.