Padac’s iPad Case & Keyboard

My iPad2 case & keyboard arrived yesterday and so far I’m very impressed!

The product is from Adelaide company Padac’s & is made in China.

The Keyboard is wireless Bluetooth & was easy to configure.
Because the keyboard is wireless it has it’s own battery and requires re-charging.

Because the keyboard has to match the width of the iPad, it takes a bit of getting used to – people with ‘fat’ fingers might struggle.
The keyboard features quite a few dedicated iPad keys, such as Home, ‘.com’ and other keys that iPad users will appreciated!

The initial charge is 4.5 hours and this gives around 25 days of working time (and approx 100 days on standby).

When travelling, the case folds up and magnets in the most outer flap close it up very neatly.

Including the iPad the total weight is 1.1 Kgms (The iPad is .65Kgms by itself)

It sells for $79.95 + freight.
It is currently sold out with the next shipment due May 12th!

More info here:   product is now obsolete – link has been removed

Images below (click for larger image!)

iPad2 with Padac's Case & Keyboard
iPad2 with Padac’s Case & Keyboard
iPad2 with Padac's Case closed
iPad2 with Padac’s Case closed
Higher Quality Image - click to view
Higher Quality Image – click to view