Vision Counselling email information

Note: I will be putting together some formal notes, but will add some info here to assist:

  1. To logout of Axigen WebMail, click the settings icon, bottom left of the page, and there you will see a logout link as well as a settings link!
  2. In Axigen Webmail you can RIGHT click on the email address of an incoming message and; ‘add to contacts’, ‘send new email’ or ‘create a filter’ (to create a rule to move to a folder for example).

The switch to the new mail server is now complete!
Users should not be logging in via the button link below!
If anyone needs assistance with email programs or devices let me know! ph: 0411 411 639

Status as of Thursday the 4rd of May 10am: We are now running off the new server!!!


The URL to access your email via Webmail is

Clicking this button will open up webmail in a new tab.

Enter your full email address and password.

Outlook or other email program configuration in the following PDF

PDF Document on configuring Outlook