Windows and terminology

During a support session, one of the things someone on the other end of the phone needs to know is what program the person is currently using. If they are browsing the web, this might be Internet Explorer, or Firefox or Google’s new Chrome browser.

Or perhaps if they are Wordprocessing they may be using Word or Open Office or many other Word-Processing options But often people are unable to tell what it is they are using.

There is a a simple way to tell ! Each Window that you have open is a running program and the ‘Title Bar’ that runs across the top displays the name of the program and may additionally have the name of the document or web page you are viewing…

As they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so here are a couple of examples.
(Note: To preserve space only the top left of the two windows are shows )

The orange arrows indicate the Title Bar and the name of the program The Firefox example also indicates that the abc web site is the current page being displayed.

So this is where to look when you are asked what program are you running…